RiskTech 100 - 2008

October 2008 • Ref RR0804
Research Report
Number of pages: 29
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Number of figures and tables: 9 


This is the third edition of Chartis’s RiskTech 100 report. The RiskTech 100 rankings are now recognised globally as the most comprehensive and prestigious study of the top technology firms active in the risk management market. Our research partners for this year’s study are Risk Technology International (RiskTech) Ltd.

This year’s study incorporates a refinement to our ranking methodology by introducing the new scoring category of “innovation”. The rapid pace of change in the financial services industry and associated technologies means that, to establish and maintain a leadership position, risk technology vendors need to continually innovate. We have given a specific weighting to this category and it has resulted in relative shifts for a number of the firms within the rankings.