Advances in technology lead to improved anti-fraud strategies and cost reduction


15 May 2013

Chartis, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology, has issued a new report on the marketplace for enterprise fraud management systems for financial services.

Financial crime management has become a growing area of concern for financial institutions, due to the economic climate and increased mobile and internet banking improving opportunities for fraudsters. At the same time, regulators have included fraud in risk capital calculations and are increasing requirements for firms to protect their customers.

Financial institutions are attempting to keep pace with the growing sophistication of fraud rings and adapt to more frequent, faster cross-channel attacks. Firms recognize that investment in anti-fraud processes can yield good cost savings by cutting fraud.

The report provides in depth coverage of the drivers for improved enterprise fraud management processes and systems. The report also covers the competitive landscape, including the technology requirements and innovative technologies for enterprise fraud management systems and which vendors can provide these capabilities.

The report highlights the increasing use of technology as an enabler to manage the risk of enterprise fraud. Key technology developments covered by the report include link analysis, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence and enterprise case management.

The report uses Chartis’s RiskTech Quadrant™ to explain the structure of the market and the vendor landscape. The RiskTech Quadrant™ uses a comprehensive methodology of in-depth independent research and a clear scoring system to explain which technology solutions meet an organization’s needs.


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