Chartis Ranks the Top 100 Risk Technology Vendors and Estimates the Market to be Worth $5.5 Billion


15 November 2006

Chartis Research, the leading analyst for the risk technology marketplace, has released the first ever global rankings of the top 100 risk technology vendors. This ground breaking study selected and ranked the top risk technology firms on the basis of a comprehensive sweep of the marketplace and a detailed assessment methodology.

Chartis comments: “The top 10 vendors include well known risk technology brands such as Reuters, SunGard, Moody’s KMV and Algorithmics. Also in the top 10 are business intelligence and enterprise software vendors such as i-flex, SAS and Fair Isaac. Other specialist vendors who have made it to the top 10 include Sophis, Wall Street Systems and RiskMetrics.”

Geographically, the RiskTech 100 is made up of firms from 15 different countries. The list is dominated by the US, with 48 firms, followed by the UK with 18. France, Australia, Canada and Ireland are also well represented.

The report, RiskTech 100, estimates the global market for risk technology to be worth $5.5bn (external expenditure only) in 2007 and forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 10%. This expenditure includes the full spectrum of enterprise risk management requirements including risk-based compliance.

Chartis comments: “the growth in expenditure on risk technology is fuelled by increasing interest in corporate governance, risk-based regulation, risk-based trading, the explosive growth in the derivatives market, financial crime, and the increasing use of quantitative and financial engineering techniques.”