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Liquidity Risk research

36 research papers

Global Risk IT Expenditure 2011

Global risk management technology is big business, with expenditure set to rise some 10% from nearly $21bn in 2012 to just over $23bn in 2013. From a regional perspective, in 2012, the bulk of that spend will be led by the European Union where the market will be worth $8.3bn, followed by North…

Market for Solvency II Technology 2010

A lack of effective risk management played a big part in some of the high profile failures in the insurance industry. Studies of these failures demonstrate that traditional methods and systems for measuring and managing risk cannot cope with today's insurance companies' complexity and size. Current…

Market for Solvency II Technology

If we look back at some of the high profile business failures in the insurance industry, we can see that ineffective risk management was an essential element of the cause-effect chain. Studies of recent failures in the insurance and financial services industry have demonstrated that traditional…