Financial Crime Risk Management Systems 2016 - Oracle Vendor Highlights

This report is an update to Chartis’s 2014 report on Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions.

Key updates:

  • Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) are proving their value.
  • FCRM is struggling from a lack of industry expertise.
  • Data management is a key challenge.
  • New risks are appearing all the time, but the old risks are not going away.

This report uses Chartis’s RiskTech Quadrants® to explain the vendor landscape. The RiskTech Quadrant® uses a comprehensive methodology of in-depth independent research and a clear scoring system to explain which technology solutions meet an organization’s needs.

This report covers the leading vendors offering financial crime risk management (FCRM) solutions for financial institutions and focuses on the key capabilities and strengths of Oracle as a category leader in each of the RiskTech Quadrants®.