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FircoSoft Vendor Highlights Report

In the past, many firms felt powerless to prevent financial crime and simply wrote it off as the cost of doing business. In the last two decades, however, the combination of greater regulatory pressure and the increased costs of financial crime to firms have led to financial crime management…

Equity Research - MSCI, Inc Update Report

More than a year has passed since our last look at MSCI. During this time, the company had the opportunity to fully integrate RiskMetrics. MSCI also saw its share price drop to as low as $30 and rebound to roughly the same level as during our last update, before losing a quarter of its value in…

Equity Research - Lombard Risk Management Initiation Report

Lombard Risk Management (“LRM” or “the company”) is a UK-based company listed on AIM, operating in the software and computer services business for more than twenty years. LRM focuses on two market segments: Regulatory Compliance software and Risk Management and Trading software. The company has…