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Equity Research - NICE Systems Ltd Update Report

Since our initial coverage in June 2011, NICE has sustained healthy revenue growth rates fuelled by several acquisitions as well as moderate organic growth, which in turn is driven by increasing demand for analytics- based solutions. The acquisitions have enabled the company to strengthen its…

Equity Research - Brady’s Initiation Report

Brady plc (“Brady” or “the company”) is a UK-headquartered technology company, listed on AIM (LSE) since 2004. The company operates in the energy and commodity trading and risk management (ECTRM) market and provides software solutions and services to more than 250 customers worldwide, including…

Capital Planning Survey 2012

The impact of the financial crisis on banks has been twofold, both generally, and specifically with regard to capital management. Firstly, banks have been forced to re-examine the way they do business and their underlying assumptions about how to measure risk, performance, and success. Secondly,…