Buy-Side Risk Analytics 2013:Quantifi Vendor Highlights

Buy-side firms face a rapidly changing operating environment. They need not only to comply with the regulations, but also to adapt to a new marketplace. The new goal is a performance-oriented trade and risk management execution strategy for asset allocation with a strong focus on stress-testing and scenario analysis.

For buy-side risk management solutions, this means the focus has to be redefined as either:

  • More data management and analytics-driven to build a foundation of efficient risk and financial management or;
  • Best-of-breed solution for specific, performance-oriented and value-based risk management requirements.

For both, the priority is to enable the firm to follow high standards on corporate governance and to facilitate the necessary tasks that come with it, including:

  • Data management, analysis, and reporting
  • Trade capture, complex/structured products, and hedging strategies
  • Pricing, valuation, risk measurement, regulation, and finance
  • Integrated risk management views across market, credit, and liquidity risk
  • Total return simulation and scenario management.

This report covers the competitive landscape for buy-side risk analytics. This report also covers the capabilities and market position of Quantifi for buy-side risk analytics. Chartis believes Quantifi to be one of the leading vendors in the buy-side risk analytics marketplace.