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Spotlight on KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process a business undertakes to verify the identity of its clients. A core component of KYC, the Customer Identification Program (CIP) process, has typically been conducted when a customer is physically present to meet with their banker and copies of documents are…

Spotlight on BCBS 239 - It Was Never Going To Happen On Time

Progress towards full BCBS 239 compliance has been slow. The principles-based approach of BCBS 239, coupled with the current lack of compliance benchmarks means that banks are unsure of what exactly “good looks like” in their particular case, and this will differ for each bank. Further problems…

Forming FRTB action plans: Tactical vs. Transformational

The formal phase of consultations between banks and regulators on FRTB has ended, and the biggest change to market risk capital requirements in over a decade has been finalized. Now banks are in a race against the regulatory deadline, and must choose the most efficient path to overhaul their risk…