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RiskTech buyers (financial institutions, organizations and corporates)

Risk technology buyers face a complex, rapidly changing marketplace, with many possible solutions and options. Our research reports and advisory services provide unparalleled insight, helping buyers to make the right choices.


Chartis’ subject-matter experts have deep domain expertise in the risk technology space, having in many cases analyzed, selected and implemented risk technology systems from a range of vendors in a range of scenarios. Our team monitors the market, tracking the latest innovations in risk technology, gauging the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions, and following the outcomes of major projects.


Our market-leading RiskTech and FinTech Quadrants provide a powerful view of the vendor landscape in a specific area of risk technology, and are a valuable resource for users’ and buyers’ research. We don’t endorse any vendor, product or service, providing truly impartial insight and analysis.


From helping with system selection and implementations, to simply providing up to the minute, actionable advice, our range of buyer services is as extensive as it is valuable. Our vendor selection services include supporting buy vs. build decisions, reviewing vendor proposals, and assessing vendor presentations and demonstrations.


Our research and advisory services cover a range of risk and compliance management topics, including credit risk, market risk, operational risk, GRC, financial crime, liquidity risk, asset and liability management, collateral management, regulatory compliance, risk data aggregation, risk analytics…and more.

RiskTech vendors

Making your presence felt in a crowded, constantly evolving market can be taxing, time-consuming and costly. Chartis’ vendor research and advisory services are market-leading: advising on go-to-market strategy, providing a clear, unbiased view of the market landscape, and delivering genuine thought leadership to cut through the jargon and hype.


Our Quadrant reports offer an independent analysis and view of the provider landscape in a specific technology area, enabling vendors to assess their capabilities and market positioning against other players in the space, and enhance their positioning with actual and potential clients. Chartis’ Vendor Analysis reports offer detailed insight into specific vendors and their capabilities, with further analysis of their quadrant position and scoring.


We can provide specific strategy advice for risk technology vendors and innovators, including: market analysis and segmentation; analysis of buyer needs and competitive forces; advice on go-to-market positioning, messaging and lead generation; and advice on pricing, alliances and mergers and acquisitions.


Genuine thought-leadership highlights new angles, stimulates discussion, and demonstrates a deep understanding of a particular area. Whether custom reports, in-person speeches or webinars, a thought-leadership collaboration with Chartis analysts and subject-matter experts can develop and deliver new and often counter-intuitive insights.

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RiskTech consultants

We understand that consultants need cutting-edge research to properly support their clients in the risk space.


Chartis’ reports are full of insight gleaned from the most relevant sources – from our interactions with the vendors and institutions driving the market, to the focused quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews and briefings we conduct with senior risk decision-makers to drive our thinking.


At every turn, we are addressing the key trends shaping the demand-side of the equation, and advising on the approaches, frameworks and technologies that those on the supply side need to address the challenges of buyers.


Our strategic advisory services allow us to produce tailored thinking for internal and external use to help consultants grow and enhance their market positioning.

Where we help

Chartis covers the three critical dimensions driving risk technology, making it an indispensable source of insight for vendors, buying institutions and consultants operating in this market…

We focus on…

Key risk technologies

The risk technology market is constantly evolving, driven by shifting customer needs and the emergence of new technologies. To help you navigate this changing landscape, Chartis covers all the key technology blocks you need to know about, from leading practices in data integrity and control, to the latest innovations in critical areas like AI; and from cloud-based Risk as a Service offerings to the transformative impact of open-source languages, and updates on topical technology themes such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Key risk types

The RiskTech landscape is complex, addressing all areas of financial services, and extending into adjacent areas like energy and commodities. Chartis covers the whole picture, from credit and market risk through to operational risk and GRC, financial crime and beyond. In doing so we highlight the key trends and leading practices in areas as diverse as data management, model validation, the calculation of complex value adjustments (xVA), and the latest trends in risk quantification.

Key risk sectors

Chartis examines how new technologies and leading practices are applied across a range of key sectors, paying equal attention to broad sectors like the sell-side and insurance, and specific areas like hedge fund risk management and the front office. We provide vital commentary on the key business issues dominating our marketplace, from the changing relationship between different areas within these businesses (e.g. Risk vs. Finance) to the emergence of new compliance technologies aimed at both the regulated and the regulator.

How we help

Chartis supports its clients in two main ways: through subscriptions to its core research, and via its custom research and advice.

At the heart of our core research are our research reports, delivering authoritative insight into topics of interest to our clients and the wider market. A variety of formats aids readability and ensures our coverage is as broad as it is deep.

Our clients receive exclusive access to our subscription reports (up to 20 a year); we also publish several freely available reports each year.

Subscription reports

  • Chartis’ market-leading RiskTech and FinTech Quadrant reports take a detailed look at key areas of risk technology (including financial crime, GRC, credit risk, and buy- and sell-side trends). As well as extensive analysis of demand- and supply-side dynamics, these reports provide a reliable, independent assessment of the provider landscape in each area.

Benchmarks and rankings

  • Our Global Risk IT Expenditure report is a valuable and unique insight into the risk technology space, identifying the key trends shaping risk IT expenditure around the world.

Free to download content

  • Chartis’ eagerly awaited flagship report, ranks the top 100 players in the global risk technology space, and is a unique and valuable benchmark of this ever-evolving industry.

  • Often developed with key players in the industry, these take a detailed and often counter-intuitive look at established and new areas of interest

  • Chartis’ Vendor Analysis reports offer detailed insight into specific vendors and their capabilities, with further analysis of their quadrant positioning and scoring.

Current awareness

  • Quarterly Market Intelligence. A quarterly round-up of everything that’s important and noteworthy in risk technology.

  • Chartis Big Bets. This regular briefing explores the big themes we believe will shape the risk technology marketplace in the year ahead, helping to steer and shape our research agenda for the year.

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