Risk-Aware Finance and the Changing Nature of Credit

Shaken by the financial crisis and shaped by a wave of new rules and regulations, credit – and the risks it carries – is changing. New research by Chartis and SAS highlights how Financial Institutions (FIs) looking to address the shifting nature of credit must align their finance and risk departments to accurately assess the dynamics of future risks, and bolster their budgeting and forecasting capabilities.                                        

This emerging organizational approach – risk-aware finance – is becoming a matter of business survival: without it, FIs will struggle to meet their future regulatory and competitive demands. Risk-aware finance can enable FIs to take advantage of advanced analytical techniques and denser data flows to achieve their longer-term strategic objectives.

In this report we:

  • Explore what effective risk-aware finance looks like.
  • Examine the key technical and staff challenges FIs face in attaining it.
  • Consider how FIs can overcome these challenges.