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Chartis Insights research

43 research papers

Chartis Big Bets

All five Big Bets available here…Watch out for our upcoming reports, which will explore these topics in more detail. In 2018, maturing technologies and favorable business conditions will enable greater strategic thinking, turbo-charging the development of a host of new opportunities and risks for…

Big Bets - Disruptive Forces

Technical innovation won’t be the panacea that many think; as banks’ own history demonstrates, the more things change the more they stay the same – and that applies to risks too. New risks will arise as technologies find realistic applications, but old risks will remain, and will intensify if…

Big Bets - Data

Is data really the ‘new oil’ for financial institutions? It has certainly propelled today’s digital revolution, but for institutions still wrestling with its 3Vs (Volume, Variety and Velocity), mastering its Ps and Qs – Privacy and Quality – will be next on the agenda. Many firms have started this…