Chartis 30 Index Performance Analysis

The Chartis 30 Index tracks the aggregate stock market performance of 30 leading publicly traded companies in the financial risk management, compliance and corporate governance industries. Using Friday, December 26, 2008 as its base date and 100 as its base value, the index tracks market performance on a monthly basis and is rebalanced quarterly. The Chartis team selects Index constituents from the global pool of eligible companies that meet two primary criteria:

1. Companies that provide solutions (services and technology) in risk management, compliance and governance, and receive material revenues from provision of these solutions (as a percentage of overall company revenues).

2. Companies with clear strategic commitment to growing their share of the governance, risk management, and compliance space, including the following specific sub-markets:

- Financial crime risk management (including anti-money laundering and fraud);

- Operational risk management;

- GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance);

- Credit risk management;

- Market risk management;

- Asset Liability Management & Liquidity Risk;

- Market risk management;

- Enterprise risk management;

- Regulatory reporting (including accounting, tax, financial regulation, health & safety, financial control, etc.);

- Risk and governance data provision (including market data, credit bureau data, etc.)