The Risk Enabled Enterprise® Global Survey Results And Two-Year Research Agenda

The research will examine the strategic initiatives that firms need to take to become “risk-enabled” across key areas, including organizational structure and process, people and culture, and data and systems.

This report is the first in a series of quarterly publications that will form part of this research initiative. It contains the findings of our first survey, which provide the basis for the roadmap and goals for The Risk Enabled Enterprise® research initiative.

The online survey comprised 381 professionals working in a number of sectors around the world. Respondents came from a range of job functions, locations, and industries, although the USA (44%) and financial services sector (78%) provided by far the largest proportions in terms of geography and industry (see Appendix A for the full survey demographics). The full results of the survey are contained in the appendices. As part of the research, Chartis also carried out follow-up in-depth interviews with 25 respondents to the survey and held discussions with subject matter experts from IBM.

In this report we set out the research road map comprising a number of strategic initiatives and how they can enable a company’s transformation into a risk-enabled enterprise. The two-year study will include a series of surveys, eliciting input from risk, compliance, and technology practitioners, as well as key stakeholders from business lines.