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Know Your Customer (KYC) research

4 research papers

RiskTech100® 2018 - Vendor Highlights: Fenergo

This report provides an independent evaluation and description of Fenergo’s ranking in Chartis’ RiskTech100® 2018 report. It contains: A vendor profile for Fenergo. Fenergo’s ranking in each assessment category, with supporting explanation. In RiskTech100® 2018, Fenergo was ranked 40 overall,…

Spotlight on KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process a business undertakes to verify the identity of its clients. A core component of KYC, the Customer Identification Program (CIP) process, has typically been conducted when a customer is physically present to meet with their banker and copies of documents are…

Customer Relationship Risk

Presentation covering: Focus on customer relationship risk Dramatic, historic market changes - Credit Crisis - Liquidity at a premium - Bank Equity under pressure, resulting in less lending Economic Downturn What does that mean to customer profitability? Which banks and other financial institutions…