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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) research

14 research papers

Financial Crime Risk Management Systems 2016

This report is an update to Chartis’s 2014 report on Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions.  Key updates: Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) are proving their value. FCRM is struggling from a lack of industry expertise. Data management is a key challenge. New risks are appearing all the time,…

FircoSoft Vendor Highlights Report

In the past, many firms felt powerless to prevent financial crime and simply wrote it off as the cost of doing business. In the last two decades, however, the combination of greater regulatory pressure and the increased costs of financial crime to firms have led to financial crime management…

Financial Crime Risk Management 2011

Financial crime flourishes in an economic downturn. Individuals facing economic hardship are more inclined to become involved in financial scams for personal gain. In addition, technological and product developments, especially in the form of online and electronic transactions, are creating new…